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Posted: October 2, 2013

Presently I am working with the following grade 1 students: Jeremiah Savoie (Mrs. Saunder's class)Jared Augustine (Mrs. Saunders class)Hardy Dedam (Miss Dedam's class)Soleena Bonnell (Miss Dedam's class)The students receive a one-on-one lesson 30 minutes daily.  In this lesson they will follow this format:1.  Reading 2 or 3 familiar books.  These could be books that have been read at home.  2.  Reading yesterday's new book while a running record is taken.  After the running record work to strengthen the child's reading skills3.  Letter Work - This is done with magnetic letters to strengthen the letter names and letter/sound knowledge.  4.  Writing a Story - After a conversation about something the child is interested in, a story is written in the child's own writing book.  New words that are used frequently are learned and strategies are learned for constructing new words.5.  Cut-up Story - The story that was written is put on a sentence strip which is then cut-up and reassembled by the child.  This is sent home for further practice.6.  New Book - Every day the child reads a new book that is well within his or her control. Homework - Every night the child will take home a bag with several small books to be read and the cut-up story which is written on an envelope.  Be sure to contact me at the school if there are any problems with homework. 

Posted: April 29, 2011

  Read every day!

Posted: April 29, 2011

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