Grade 6 Lesson Plan- April 13-17

Posted: April 13, 2020

April 13th -17th Lesson Plan


Hi Grade 6! I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and thinking positive during this time. This week, I posted the grade 7 lesson plans for Math and LA.  I hope everyone spends at least an hour a day working!

If you have any questions, please email me at:



Word problems

(One each day)

-Roger bought a bag of chocolate bars. The bag had 100 blue candies, 100 red candies, 50 green candies, 25 pink candies and 25 purple candies. How many candies were there in total?


-Naomi has 42 pencils that she brought from home.  There are only 7 students present in class the day she brought the pencils.  How many pencils with each student receive?


-Brenner has to go to the library to bring his classmates 3 books each.  There are 12 students in Mr. Goodin’s class.  How many book does Brenner need to get from the library?





15-20 Minutes

Make a math game with any household items. When finished, play with a family member in your house.


20 minutes

(Each day)

Work on IXL to enhance your key math skills. Please select anything from your grade level or grade below.



Language Arts lesson plan:



20 minutes every day

Find a good fit book to read. If you don’t have a good book at home, please check out this website for eBooks:



10 minutes each day

Start a Journal to keep track of things you are doing to satay busy, or things you think about each day.  You can also write about the meals you eat, the video games you play, or reflect on the book you have been reading.  You can also write a review on a movie you have recently watched.  When writing a movie review you talk about how much you enjoyed it, pick out key parts that were the best to you, or also who you would recommend the movie to. 


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